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Houhou Project: New projects, rare cards, new cards, a new year

A new year and a new project: Houhou, the visual novel series that blends cute and scary worlds, has begun with a new set of cards that has been revealed.

The cards have been revealed as part of a project that started in October and has been completed by May.

The cards, which are called Houhou: Project: The New Year Cards, will be released this year on the Houhou website.

They feature characters that will have been seen in the game, including the heroine, a mysterious man with a magic hat who can cast the spell Houhou called “Blessed Spell.”

They also include new characters, including an angel who will be joining the game and a demon, known as the Devil.

The new cards are a part of the “Touhou Project” series.

They have been created by a group of artists who work together as a group, including a game designer, a game developer, and a card artist.

“The first project was really about creating a new type of project.

And now it’s time for another project,” said Katsuhiro Takahashi, who co-created the game with Takahashima.

“The cards were created in collaboration with artists from various other teams, so the cards have a new look.”

The cards are being released this month.

It is the first time that a group has produced a card game with a single card, and the first Houhou project that was completed in more than one year.

I think we will make a new title for Houhou this year, said Takahasu, who was also the game director for the original game.

This is a very special project, he said.

Houhou is a series of visual novels that combine cute and horrifying worlds.

To begin with, a team of artists from several different teams was tasked with creating a card-based project.

Their goal was to create a game that was not only cute, but also scary.

That goal led to a game called Houou Project: the New Year Card, which focuses on the main characters, the hero, and their supernatural abilities.

In the first half of the game players take on the roles of Houou characters, which can be seen as being a sort of super-heroic group.

One of the main game features is the “Houou Project” spell that will allow Houou to turn the world around them into a magical place where everything will be beautiful.

Other features include the ability to make “Hougou Project Cards” that can be used to make cards for the main character.

There are several other cards in the series.

These include the “Befou” card, which lets you summon a Houou character to fight, the “Kouki” card that lets you make a Houhou character to attack, and “Shuuji” card which can also be used by the Houou protagonist to fight.