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How to make astral projections of your home using your smart phone and the internet

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How to be a muse to the internet’s biggest internet stars

By The Author | 11 January 2016 12:00:22A new generation of young internet stars is beginning to make their mark in the world of social media, and their stories are inspiring new generations of talent to find their way into the world’s largest media companies.

These young internet icons, including the likes of Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and Lady Gaga, are starting to find mainstream success as they build their careers on their own.

In this new era of social, they are taking on a new role: the muse.

In fact, one of the biggest stars in the social media universe is being inspired by the work of her new muse, her Instagram boss, and her fans.

This is the story of the rise of the ‘Muse’ as they find their footing as the most popular star on the internet.