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How to manage your software development life

A new certification program aims to help software developers who want to get their software certified to manage the software’s life cycle and ensure the quality of the software they make.

The certification program, called Software Management Certification (SMC), was launched last week by a group of organizations, including the International Software Industry Association (ISO), the Association for Software Freedom, and the Software Freedom Conservancy.

The SMC certification program has been designed to help developers with a wide range of software needs, from development tools to cloud services, so they can manage their development and maintenance processes.

It is a three-year, three-credit program that is designed for developers who are building apps for a variety of industries, including web, mobile, and mobile games.

The program’s mission statement says it is aimed at helping software developers “identify and manage risks and opportunities associated with their software’s lifecycle and to ensure that the software that they develop is reliable and secure.”

The certification program is offered by the ISO, the Association of Software Freedom (ASF), and the International Association for Free Software (IAF) and was designed to make sure developers can effectively manage their software development lives.

The ISO, as well as the IAF and the ICF, are both member organizations of the Software Association of America.

The first step of the program is a brief assessment, which can be done at the outset of a project or on a rolling basis.

The assessment looks at your development process, your workflows, and your business and software management processes.

The assessment can then be graded for how well you manage your development life cycle.

It also gives you an overall grade, which is used to determine your overall level of skill and responsibility for managing your project’s life.

For example, a 1 out of 10 on the assessment will indicate that you have a high level of responsibility for your software life cycle, but it will not indicate that your work is going to be done well, or that you are an expert in the field.

The IAF-IAF program is designed to ensure developers can take the SMC course and pass it without too much trouble.

The IAF’s certification program also has an assessment process that takes about an hour.

The course is divided into eight sections, with the sections covering different topics, such as business processes, testing, and security.

The sections can be completed in three to four weeks.

The certification process is designed so that developers can choose the best path for them, as they can choose whether to focus on a specific area of the SMCA, or the whole course.

The courses can be taken in different formats, including a standard version, a digital version, or a web-based version.

The Digital version of the course is the most popular, with about 4,000 courses taken by developers.

The online version of this course is a standard course, with more than 7,000 users who are members of the ISO.

The International Association of Free Software also offers the SMCE course.

However, the ISO says it also offers a different version called SMCE-L (Software Management Certification-L) that has more in-depth content and that has been approved by the IAEA.

The Certification Center is part of the ISA’s Software and Information Management (SIIM) program.

The Certification Center offers certification of all types of software, including free software, commercial software, and open source software.

It is designed as a part of a certification framework to help support the ISAF and other groups that work on software certification.

ISA officials say the Certification Center’s mission is to “provide a framework for facilitating and providing support for software certification efforts.”

The ISO is not a part for the Certification Program, and it is not clear if the ISO will use the certification program to help make the certification process easier.

The Institute of Software Engineers, which also has a certification program for open source, has not yet released a statement about the SMCC certification.