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US lawmakers consider lifting sanctions on Belarus after Russia’s annexation

Washington (AP) The Latest on President Donald Trump’s decision to lift sanctions on Russia and a meeting of US and European leaders in Brussels (all times local):1:30 p.m.

President Donald J. Trump says he will sign an executive order lifting sanctions against Russia and the annexation of Crimea, a move he says will protect the U.S. from a resurgent Russia and protect Americans’ interests.

The move is likely to increase pressure on Russia as a potential challenger to the United States.

The president’s statement came as he and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met in Brussels.

The White House said it will be the first time that any president has ever lifted sanctions on a country.

The statement from Trump’s office was brief and did not address the significance of the move.

The action would make it easier for Congress to lift the sanctions, but it would not be binding on Congress to do so.

The Associated Press has been unable to independently verify the president’s comments.

Trump said in a statement Saturday that he will take executive action on sanctions if Congress does not pass a bill to do it.

He did not say how many sanctions would be lifted.

Trump and Tillerson were in Brussels to discuss the possibility of lifting sanctions for Crimea, the former Soviet Union’s southern Crimean Peninsula and part of Ukraine.

Trump said in his statement that the move was necessary to defend Americans from a Russia that “is threatening to destabilize the region and threaten the peace and security of Europe.”

The president made the announcement as the Russian government declared its annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula of Crimea and imposed new economic restrictions and restrictions on its air space.

Trump’s statement did not explicitly say the U,S.

and European Union will be on the same page on Crimea.

That is not clear.

The White House statement said the sanctions would allow the U.,U.S., and EU to “continue to work together on the issue.”

Trump’s announcement came hours after Tillerson said he and the presidents of France and Germany will meet in Brussels on Saturday to discuss “issues related to Ukraine.”

Tillerson, who is on a four-day trip to Europe, said on Twitter that he and Trump are “hopeful” that the two countries will agree on a path forward on the Ukraine crisis.___Follow AP news from Europe and Russia at: https://twitter.com/AP_world and https://www.twitter.org/AP

How to use Google Earth to create an interactive map of the US desert for the marshall river project

The marshall, which will extend into the Salt River Project, will be the largest water project in Utah.

The US Army Corps of Engineers recently approved the project, which is being led by the Salt Lake City-based project management firm Marshall Project.

The project has already completed more than half of the water that will be released into the Colorado River and Salt Lake Valley.

But the marshal project has a few big hurdles ahead of it.

The marshal is a huge undertaking, and its completion will be a huge boon to the US economy.

The Salt Lake Project is being overseen by the US Army.

But a number of key projects are still being considered.

Some of the other major projects on the drawing board include:The US Army is proposing to construct a water main replacement in the Salt Spring Canyon National Park in Utah, and it’s hoped that the project will eventually be completed by the end of the decade.

But that won’t happen until 2021, and the Army isn’t saying when that will happen.

The Army is also looking at water and sewer infrastructure in the area.

It’s unclear when the project might be completed.

The salt river project is currently being managed by the state of Utah, but that’s not exactly an easy task given the size of the project and the high cost involved.

The costs of building a replacement dam in the river are estimated to be at least $8 billion.

The government has proposed to cover the cost of the replacement dam through its Water Trust Fund, but the trust fund has not been set up yet.

The salt river and marshal projects are part of a larger project called the Salt Creek Reservoir Project, which involves several other projects.

It will be built in the Rio Grande Valley and then connect to the Salt City River to create a reservoir that will eventually bring water to Salt Lake.

The river will also be used to provide drinking water to people in the city of Salt Lake and surrounding areas.