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How to build a new $20 trillion infrastructure with zero debt and zero waste?

By 2025, we have a problem, and it’s a big one.

That problem is that we have created a new debt and waste problem.

What does that have to do with our national debt and the size of our national deficit?

The big debt problem is the big problem we have with our debt.

We have the biggest national debt in the history of the United States.

We spend more than the next nine nations combined on interest payments on our national debts.

We pay $17 trillion more than our GDP in interest.

We are now paying more than three times as much in interest on our debt than we did in 1950.

We’ve been paying that interest for over a century.

We have a national debt of over $1.3 trillion.

That’s more than $20,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country.

The problem is, our national economy has not been able to keep up with this.

We’re paying more interest on the national debt than on our GDP.

We don’t have the capacity to pay back our debt at the rates that we need to pay it off.

This debt problem we’re having is a problem because we’re not building enough infrastructure, we’re creating too much debt.

But that debt problem goes beyond the debt itself.

It’s a problem with the way we have the debt, and the way the government is using the money that we’ve borrowed.

We’re borrowing money in order to pay interest on it.

So if we borrowed $20 billion to build this new highway, we would have $20.

We’d be borrowing money to pay off our debt, but we would be borrowing $20 in order that we can pay back the interest on that $20 dollar.

If you want to make your case, if you want a more accurate sense of how big the national problem is with the debt and spending, then you need to understand that our debt and debt problem has nothing to do that we’re using the borrowed money to make a lot of new infrastructure, which is not the case.

We used to have the infrastructure that was built in this century.

Today we have that infrastructure built in the past.

If we were to build that same infrastructure tomorrow, we’d need $60 billion in new infrastructure.

That was the case when the federal government was in the hands of private individuals and private entities.

Today, the federal budget is financed through the taxes that are collected by taxpayers, and by borrowing money.

So we have to balance that budget, and we have not done that yet.

We also have a huge debt problem because the Federal Reserve, in order for it to be able to borrow, has to have a lot more cash in its coffers.

The federal government is not in the position of having enough cash to pay its debts.

So there is a huge problem in our national finances, and that’s what’s going to cause the debt problem to get worse.

But it’s going too far.

We need to balance the budget.

We can’t do that by using the borrowing money that’s being created to pay for new infrastructure or interest payments that are being made on our debts.

And if we did that, the debt problems that are going on today would not exist.

But if we do not balance our budget, we will have a debt problem that will become more severe in the future.

That debt problem does not exist because we have used the borrowed funds to pay our interest on those debt payments.

The debt problem exists because we are not paying our interest in order of what’s owed.

In fact, the interest paid by the government over the last 60 years has not increased in proportion to the money it’s borrowing.

And that’s the problem.

So what can we do to fix the national budget deficit?

There are two parts to this problem.

One is to pay down our debt so that it is sustainable, so that we don’t build more debt, which in turn, will reduce our ability to pay other debts that we owe.

The other part of this is to find new sources of income to pay that interest.

I’m going to give you two ideas.

The first one is to put people on the job, not on the payroll.

The second idea is to get rid of the payroll tax, which I think is the way to go.

The payroll tax is what the federal payroll tax was designed to be, a tool to reduce the cost of hiring people.

It was supposed to be a way to help us pay for our debt payments, so the federal debt didn’t have to increase.

But the payroll taxes that were on the books of the government, were designed to encourage people to take on debt to support themselves and their families.

The reason they were there was to help them pay for their own pensions, their kids’ educations, and other things.

The idea was that if they could pay for those things,