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When animal cells start to die, we’ll be able to turn them into smart pets

The project by the University of Manchester to build the world’s first animal cell, which can then transmit the instructions for other cells to grow, is set to begin this month, and will allow for the creation of artificial organs for humans and other animals.

The cells will be able, among other things, to communicate with one another and to produce blood, in an experiment in which the cells will act as a “digital organ” and receive instructions from other cells.

The team has been working on the technology for a decade.

In an interview with the BBC, Dr. David Mankin, the chief executive of the university’s Centre for Integrative Genomics, which is leading the project, said the aim is to make the technology more than just a way to build a human organ, but also to “give people a new way of thinking about the body”.

“I think this is an important milestone in regenerative medicine,” he said.

But this is the first tissue that has been successfully grown in an animal.” “

In a lot of regenerative therapies, the cell is used to grow a new tissue.

But this is the first tissue that has been successfully grown in an animal.”

Mankins lab will be housed at the University’s School of Biological Sciences in a 3,500-square-metre space, called the Cell Research Centre, in Manchester.

He told the BBC the research team hopes to have their cell in place by the end of the year.

“Our hope is that we will have this cell in about a month,” he added.

The scientists hope that the new cell, if it is successful, will enable them to develop a new treatment for various diseases in animals. “

There will be a very significant time lag in between that time.”

The scientists hope that the new cell, if it is successful, will enable them to develop a new treatment for various diseases in animals.

A similar cell that has already been tested in the lab will also be used for research purposes, but that is not expected to have any impact on human patients.

For now, the research will focus on the ability to synthesize the protein.

The cell’s production and function is controlled by two proteins, one in the stem cells of the mouse that can turn into muscle cells and the other in the muscle of the sheep that can grow new bone and cartilage.

“These two proteins have the capacity to control a specific part of the cell, and it’s this specific part that can be used to make a protein,” said Dr. Chris Fenton, a professor of stem cell biology at the Medical Research Council’s division of regenerational medicine.

For now the researchers are using mice as a model. “

It’s a cell that’s got a certain function, it has a certain protein that it’s going to use to make that protein.”

For now the researchers are using mice as a model.

“If we could get this cell to be able that can do a few more things that we can’t do in a normal human, it could be a real opportunity for human medical research,” Fenton said.

The project has been funded by the U.K.’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and by the British Government through the Natural Environment Research Council.

The University of Leicester also funds the project.

“We are very grateful to the University for the support and are proud to have such a great academic team in our lab,” said University of Birmingham’s Dr. Peter Beresford.

“With this research we have the potential to help make a very powerful contribution to regenerative research, both in the medical field and in the wider field of regeneric medicine.”

Beresfield is also a member of the research group.

“I am delighted that our lab has a strong scientific foundation and is able to apply its expertise in the field of stem cells to the development of this technology,” Beresfords associate professor of biochemistry and of physiology said in a statement.

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