Turkish Police Reveal Their Body Project to Prevent Suicide

Sep 26, 2021 Highlights

A Turkish police department has unveiled its new body mask to combat suicide.

The head of the Ankara Police, Gokhan Goksel, says the mask will be available to all officers, as it will be compulsory to wear in order to fight against suicide.

“The mask will make it possible to prevent suicide, as a police officer will have the option to choose a face mask with a closed face,” Gokkel told reporters on Wednesday.

“It will also protect against physical attacks.”

Our aim is to protect the life of the officer,” he added.

The Turkish Police Department has released its official body mask and body armor program, which will be mandatory to wear on duty.

The program aims to prevent suicides by preventing suicides in public spaces and by making suicide prevention efforts accessible to all.

The Police Chief’s office says the program will include:The police department will be launching a public awareness campaign on the initiative.

The first phase of the campaign will be launched on January 1, 2017.

The project will focus on three key areas:• Prevention of suicide, the police department says, with the mask’s function being to make it more difficult for those involved in a suicide attempt to take their own life.• Prevention and prevention of violence, with a special focus on domestic violence.• and public awareness, which is expected to result in more than 30,000 people having the mask.”

We believe the mask can be a powerful weapon to protect lives,” Gaksel added.

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