Marcy Projects announces its new website and mobile app

Sep 24, 2021 Contact

Marcy Project has announced its new mobile app, a simple yet sophisticated design that blends the familiar with the futuristic, and a new way to learn about its projects.

“This app is a new entry point to the Marcy community and it is an exciting step forward in bringing the Marcys experience to the world,” said founder and CEO Alex Harkins.

“We are excited to bring the app to the web and to the Android platform as we strive to give Marcy’s community a seamless, engaging and informative platform for accessing the resources they need to learn and collaborate.”

The app includes a search engine, a project calendar and the ability to search through the project and team pages.

“Projects are something that everyone can be involved in, so when a Marcy project comes along, it makes it easier to find everyone who is interested in helping the community,” Harkons said.

“The app is designed to allow anyone with an Android phone to access all the information and projects that are relevant to them, from the current project to the history of the project, the timeline of the work and even to create a personalised project to share with others.”

The project calendar is a great way to keep track of the Marceline’s progress.

It offers all the tools needed to stay connected with the Marccys progress, including project status updates and milestones.

The app is free and available for iPhone and Android.

The Marcy projects are part of the marcy platform, which is the Marcus platform that Marcy launched in June 2018.

The platform, the Maracys first foray into mobile, lets users create, publish, share and search their own projects.

The maracys platform is designed for people who have been working on Marcy and want to be part of it.

“You are the Marces project, and that’s the same for everyone,” Harks said.

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