How to build a taco project

Sep 20, 2021 Highlights

A team of scientists in Texas has created a taco that looks like a giant taco.

In the photo above, the taco looks like it is from a Mexican restaurant, with a few small details like the large taco in the middle, and the smaller taco at the end.

“It is like a taco in your mouth, like a tortilla,” explains co-creator and project lead, David DeGraw.

The team of three men and two women spent a year working on the project.

“We spent about six months building this, from scratch, with the goal of doing it at home,” says co-founder and project manager, David Davis.

The tacos look a little like a mini taco and look a lot like a traditional taco.

They are made of stainless steel and are about the size of a large taco.

The taco itself is a piece of cardboard that has been cut in half and attached to a long chain that comes off the taco.

There are no wires, just pieces of cardboard attached to each end of the chain.

“That is the power of a robot,” explains Davis.

We wanted it to be easy to fold and stuff,” he says. “

The idea was to have a robot that was easy to control.

We wanted it to be easy to fold and stuff,” he says.

The three men behind the taco project were working on a robot, a project that they were not expecting to get so quickly.

“When we started this project, we were expecting to have to build it by hand,” Davis says.

“So we really wanted to do it as fast as possible.”

They built the robot from scratch and then had to make adjustments to get it to fold.

“One thing that is really exciting about our project is that we can change the shape of the taco depending on how much time we spend on it,” says Davis.

After the taco was built, they cut it up and tested it out at a restaurant.

“They loved it, they asked us questions, and they were very happy with the design,” says DeGrow.

“This project has been a long road, and we have had some ups and downs along the way,” says Williams.

They now have a prototype that they are working on and hope to have the finished product by the end of this year.

They hope that the taco can be used in restaurants as well.

“I would love to be able to have tacos on the table with a group of people,” Davis said.

“And it would make a great addition to a taco shop.”

Davis hopes to use the robot in restaurants to order tacos and sell them to customers.

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