How to get an email about the Flint water crisis to get it to work in your inbox

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The next time you hear about the deadly crisis in Flint, Michigan, you may want to think twice about which emails you receive.

The city has already been under scrutiny for using a private email address to receive and send emails and has been forced to shut down all of its public email accounts.

Now, the New York Times reports that the city’s chief information officer, Joseph M. Bickel, is investigating whether a former staffer, Kristin Gilden, sent emails to city staff that appeared to be stolen.

The Times’ source told the paper that Bickell had been aware of the email issues since October.

The Times’ sources claim that the emails may have come from the private Gmail account of a person who was not identified.

The email account belonged to Gildens father.

“This is a very concerning situation, which is why it’s urgent to understand what happened,” said Gilds spokesman David Cimino.

“She should be ashamed of herself and we need to know who else was involved.”

The email exchange between Gild and Bickels top aide was reportedly between November and January.

The emails also include the address of an email account belonging to the mayor’s chief of staff, Joe Trippi, that had been used to send messages to city officials, according to the Times’ report.

A spokeswoman for Bicckles office told The Huffington Post that she had not been aware that Gild was sending emails from her private account and had not seen the emails.

“It’s a little embarrassing,” said Mollie Kamin, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania who studies digital communication.

“I’m sure it was not something that was in the normal flow of email.”

In a statement to The Huffington Mail, Bicleckles office said: The mayor has been a dedicated public servant, a dedicated leader in every facet of her work.

The public trust in the city is essential to the continued success of the mayor, our city, and our economy.

We are reviewing all of the emails to determine whether any of the city staff were in fact involved.

Gilds spokesperson said that the email addresses and emails were not in her possession.

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