The bail project: a crowdfunded documentary on the controversial bail system in Australia

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Posted September 20, 2018 08:08:50This is a documentary about the controversial Australian bail system, and the efforts of the group Behind the Bail to make it more transparent and accountable.

The project is backed by the likes of actor Adam Driver and a slew of well-known Australian politicians, including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

It is a project from Behind the Bond, a crowdfunding campaign launched by the Australian Federal Police in November 2016.

It raised $14 million to cover costs of the project, which included a film, an online community, and a digital archive.

The bail processIn a nutshell, the bail system was introduced in Australia in 1987, after the death of James Dickey.

Dickey had died after being thrown into a ditch while walking his dog.

His murder sparked the country’s first coronial inquest into his death, which ended with no conviction.

A coroner’s report was published in 1998, but the system remains controversial, with critics claiming that it unfairly punishes people who are in prison for offences they did not commit.

A 2011 report by the Legal Aid Centre found that the system was more likely to send people to jail for minor offences such as theft and petty theft, rather than the more serious crime of violent crime.

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