The cast of The Blacklist is headed back to CBS for the third season

Aug 27, 2021 Contact

The Blacklisted cast will return for season 3 after their hiatus from the CBS drama.

It’s a welcome development as CBS had previously announced they would end the series after the third episode.

The Blacklists cast will rejoin the series for season 4.

“We have all returned and we’re thrilled to be back together,” cast member Michael Kelly said in a statement to EW.

“It was so much fun working with Michael and I again and again, and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.”

The BlackList’s cast has been struggling with addiction for years and the return of Kelly and Kaitlin Olson as former FBI agent Kate Beckett and her now-wife Jack Bauer is an added bonus.

The show will also be tackling the topic of sex trafficking, as it was previously known.

“In order to combat sex trafficking in the entertainment industry, the Blacklist has been exploring the question of how it’s possible for a single human being to fall in love with a stranger and have sex with that stranger for the rest of their life,” executive producer Paul Blackman told EW in October.

“And we’ve come up with a very simple, but very powerful answer.

We know that we can’t save everyone, but we can save the ones we love.”

Blacklist Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, March 17 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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