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Aug 9, 2021 Ground


— A $150 million national effort to revive the city of Lincoln, Michigan, after decades of neglect has started to take shape.

In April, the state’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the state Department of Transportation announced the Lincoln Project, which aims to restore Lincoln, the oldest city in the United States, to its former glory.

It will be a multi-year effort, starting with a $200 million renovation of the Lincoln Civic Center, which houses the city’s main public buildings.

The Civic Center is the oldest public building in the world.

The Lincoln Civic Building will be reopened to the public in the fall.

The Lincoln Library, which was closed to the general public for more than 50 years due to neglect, will reopen in the summer of 2019.

Lincoln Mayor Bill Hickenlooper said in April that the city had lost its luster because of the neglect of decades past, but he said he was optimistic the project would restore the city to its previous glory.

“It will take time, but we will get back to the city that we know and love,” Hickenmooper said at the time.

“Lincoln is the greatest city in America.”

The new Lincoln Civic and Lincoln Library will reopen to the Lincoln community in the Fall of 2019 and the city will also expand its parks and recreation programs to include more activities.

The city will expand its community events program to include the annual Lincoln Memorial Art Walk, which will take place at the Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln Park and the National Lincoln Museum.

The program will also include a celebration of the life of Abraham Lincoln, a free family event held in Lincoln every July at Lincoln Park, the Lincoln Museum, the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Lincoln National Historic Park.

Hickenloopers hopes to bring more civic-minded people into the city.

“The community is the backbone of Lincoln,” Hinschlooper told CBS News.

“They’re the backbone that will keep it going.

The only thing that will change the way we do business is if they embrace and embrace civic responsibility and become more engaged.”

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Read more about Lincoln Project:The project is part of a $1.6 billion package of infrastructure projects the state announced this year.

It will build new bridges, roads, power lines and other infrastructure to create jobs and spur economic growth.

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