How to build Stargate with AngularJS

Jul 23, 2021 Ground

The best way to get a website up and running with Angularjs, a new library that powers Google’s new Google Maps service, is to use AngularJS and create a custom page with a few HTML elements.

In this tutorial, we’ll build a page that shows an image of a Stargate that uses the Google Maps API to display a map of the Stargate.

If you follow the guide to the letter, the process will be exactly the same as if you were to build the Stargame page in HTML and use Angular to serve it to the user.

The goal is to have a page with no HTML, no CSS, no JavaScript, and no server-side dependencies.

AngularJS for Google Maps page: src/app/assets/javascripts/angular.js src/main/javascript/angular-maps.js Angular.js for Google maps page: js/src/app/_main.js

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