How to get rid of #FakeNews and protect yourself from false and misleading information online

Jun 18, 2021 Highlights

Twitter has implemented a system for automatically removing tweets deemed to be hoaxes or otherwise inaccurate content, but the company is still working out how to make the process more user-friendly for users.

Users can click on the ‘Report a hoax’ link to report a tweet as “fake” or “inaccurate” without actually going to Twitter and getting a response from Twitter’s lawyers.

A new update to the Twitter site allows users to manually report “inauthentic” tweets, with the caveat that they have to explain why they believe the tweet is fake or inaccurate.

Twitter will then delete the tweet.

“In order to avoid false or misleading content, you can use the reporting tool in the top right corner of your feed,” Twitter’s new ‘report a hoax’.

“You can also add a hashtag to help the company identify the content you are reporting.

If you want to be notified if a tweet is removed, you will need to subscribe to the trending topic.”

According to Twitter, the tool is intended to be used by “a variety of content creators, such as the news media, academics, and bloggers”.

“This tool was built with real-world data in mind and is built to be easy to use, especially for users that have a hard time understanding what’s trending,” a Twitter spokesperson told The Register.

“For example, we have a very high-quality data set, so if someone posts a tweet that looks like a ‘fad’, we will quickly find out about it.”

Twitter says it’s also working to make “better and faster ways for users to flag tweets that are ‘inauthentically reported’, which will help improve our ability to spot false and inaccurate content quickly.”

The spokesperson added that Twitter is looking into how to enable a user to request the removal of a tweet and it will update the platform with further details on how to do so.

“As the number of people using Twitter continues to grow, it’s important that the platform remains available to all users,” the spokesperson added.

“The most recent version of the Twitter platform will be available to users in the coming weeks.”

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