What you need to know about the Charter of the Lad Bible project

Jun 17, 2021 Location

The Lad Project has been working on a charter to define and preserve the Lad culture and heritage.

The project’s founder, Tim O’Hagan, says it has been a “courageous” effort to “reclaim the Lad language, history and culture.”

“I have a great deal of respect for those who have tried to preserve Lad culture through their efforts, but the charter is a great starting point and a good first step,” O’Shea says.

“Lad is a beautiful language and history and so we want to use it as a template for how we can continue to preserve the culture.”

Lad heritage is a unique one in terms of the number of languages spoken in the country and in the world.

O’Halloran has worked on projects to protect and protect historic languages like Spanish, and has spoken of the need to protect Lad language heritage in the US, Europe and Australia.

“If we don’t have any Lad, it’s going to be lost,” O.H. says.

The Lad Project is trying to create a registry of Lad speakers and to promote the Lad Heritage Act in New Zealand.

It has also been working to help promote Lad heritage in Canada, the US and Australia through the Lad Culture Alliance.

“I think that this is a way of being proactive,” O.’

Halloran says.

“It is the first step to making sure that we don’ t lose any of these languages and that we can preserve their value and their culture.”

It’s a really good thing to do and I think that is what this project is about.”LAD is not a traditional language but the Lad speakers speak Lad, and it is understood that Lad is a language that has been passed down for hundreds of years.

The language is spoken in about 100 languages in New South Wales and in Australia.

The Lad Heritage Society was founded in 2010 to protect the language and its culture.

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