MLBPA seeks to settle MLB arbitration cases

May 26, 2021 News

The National Baseball Players Association has filed a motion for arbitration in two cases that could see it join forces with MLB to resolve the arbitration cases, the players’ union said.

The motion is a precursor to the expected filing of a class-action lawsuit.

It comes after the NLPA filed its first suit against MLB in March, when the league agreed to pay the players $2.1 billion in arbitration compensation.

In September, the league also agreed to a settlement with the union in the case.

The league’s next arbitration hearing will be April 20.

The NLPA said the motion seeks to resolve claims of collusion and unfair labor practices in the arbitration process.

The union has argued that the arbitration system is unfair to the players because it is not a collective bargaining agreement and is a form of collusion.

The MLBPA has argued in arbitration cases that the system is not meant to resolve workplace issues, but rather to resolve labor disputes.

The league has agreed to settle the first arbitration case by paying the NL, its players and a third-party $2 billion in damages, plus $1 billion for any claim the NL has not settled.

That is $800 million less than the $3.1 million the NL had sought, according to the league.

The union has also filed a similar lawsuit in a case that is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the lawsuit, the NL claims that the league is illegally using its arbitration process to obtain a “blank check” for the salaries and benefits of players.

The first arbitration hearing is scheduled for April 20 at the request of the NL.

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